Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sin City Stamps! DT App

Today, I am sharing a way to customize the details of your decor.
This is a fun stamping project that can be adapted for use with many products that may have unattractive packaging. Make it pretty and make it match your style and home furnishings.

This post is also a Design Team Application for Sin City Stamps!  Check out their awesome stamp designs here:

I love Aveeno lotion and the convenience of the larger bottle with the pump, but it sure does look gaudy.  (grins)  This cover can be reused on the next bottle too, just unlace the sides, put it over the new bottle and lace again!

I made two sides that are different, so when I move it to another room, it will still go with the decor.

Brown craft paper
Acrylic Paint: Pistachio, Lake, Storm, Zucchini, Pumpkin, Mulch, Sand (EcoGreen Crafts)
Pigment Ink: Chocolate and Clear (VersaCraft, VersaMark)

Dye ink pads: Purple Twilight, Espresso
Embossing Powder: White, Gold (Ranger Ink)
2 shades of green alcohol ink pens: CG4, DG3 (Spectrum Noir)
Scrap of brown cardstock
Mini Brads: Brown, Lavender
Gossamer Stretch Cord: Clear (Cousins) -or fishing line

Cherry Blossoms, Large Flourish  (Hero Arts)
Small Flourish (Stampin UP)
Butterfly (EcoGreen Crafts)
Branches (Stampers Anonymous-Tim Holtz Collection)
Pine Tree (Art Impressions)
Fern (The Angel Company)

Instructions: (Side 1)
1. Trace the outline of the bottle onto brown craft paper. Flip the bottle up to allow for a base, then roll down onto the other side of the bottle and trace.
2. Cut out the pattern for the cover, cut 1/4" to 1/2" outside your lines to allow coverage for the sides of the bottle, as desired. Trim the bottom portion close and exact.
3. Paint the first side, blending both blue acrylic paints.
4. Stamp the branches with Chocolate VersaCraft ink. Heat set.
5. Stamp the pine trees with Zucchini acrylic paint.  To stamp with acrylic paint, apply a light coat of paint to the stamp with a brush or sponge, don't over load or it will blotch.
6. Stamp more pine trees with a blend of Zucchini and Pistachio paints.  Stipple while wet to blend.  Let dry.
7. Blend a lighter shade of green with both Zucchini and Pistachio paints, stamp ferns. let dry.
8. Lighten the last batch of blended paint with more Pistachio and stamp the last layer of ferns. let dry.
9. Stamp Cherry Blossoms onto white paper with VersaMark pigment and heat emboss with white embossing powder.
10. Use a dauber or piece of felt to apply Purple Twilight ink to the flowers; darker at the center and blended out.
11. Color the leaf areas with 2 shades of alcohol ink markers, blending.  let dry.
12. Cut out the stamped image and adhere it over the fern area, as shown.

Instructions: (Side 2)
1. Using both flourish stamps and VersaMark pigment, stamp the entire background with flourishes. Heat Set.
2. Stamp the Butterfly onto brown cardstock with VersaMark pigment and emboss with gold embossing powder. Trim closely to a rectangle.
3. Add small dabs of Pumpkin acrylic paint throughout the wings.
4. Apply Chocolate VersaCraft pad to paper over the butterfly and wipe away with a paper towel. Heat set.
5. Add more accents with Pumpkin acrylic paint throughout the wings.
6. Mat the brown cardstock onto brown craft paper and ink the edges with Chocolate VersaCraft. Heat set.
7. Adhere the matted butterfly to the flourished background.
8. Using a small brush, add small dots of mulch acrylic paint to accent flourishes on the background.

1. Use a piercing tool to poke holes approximately 1/2" to 3/4" apart on all four sides.
2. Put a mini brad through each hole and fasten.
3. Cut two 36" pieces of Gossamer Stretch Chord.
4. Use a temporary adhesive to hold the sides up to the bottle to make lacing easier, wrap the gossamer around the bottom brads, tighten and criss-cross (just like ice skates!), then wrap around the 2nd brads, etc. until you reach the top.
4. Tie at the top or knot and trim excess.

I hope this project inspires your creativity, keep on stamping!

Monday, October 6, 2014

DCC: Happy Halloween!

Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection (DCC) Happy Halloween Hop!

We are a group of designers and crafters, linked together for monthly posts of crafty inspiration on the first Monday of each month.  Be sure to hop around using the logo/button at the bottom of this post or on my sidebar.

This is the costume I purchased to wear for the Halloween festivities this year.

The only blonde with long hair that I'm familiar with in the Star Trek series, is 7 of 9.  She had a run in with the Borg and has metal parts on her face.  Therefore, I need one too.

Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE): Silver, clear, and Flex (Ranger Ink)
Clear Pigment Ink Pad: Versamark (Tsukineko)
Geometric Rubber Stamp: Starving Art Stamps
Watch faces and parts

Tools: Melting pot, heat resistant mat, spatula (Ranger Ink), Scissors and/or cutting knife and a cutting mat.

1. Prep: Clean the melting pot of any previous residue. Do this by heating the pot, pouring out the excess and wiping down with a big wad of paper towel. Use caution, as it does have to be done while the pot is still hot.

2.  Add the clear and silver UTEE and Flex to the pot.  Cover and melt, stirring gently on occasion with the spatula. (Note: Be sure you have a spatula that is made for melting and/or heat resistant.  Your standard kitchen spatula may not be up to the job and melt (grins) Lesson learned.

3. Prep the rubber stamp with the resistant Versamark ink.

4. Pour the melted silvery UTEE onto the heat resistant mat.

5. Place metal watch parts, gears etc into the puddle of melted UTEE.
6. Stamp on top of the puddle and let sit until it's cooled enough to touch and it will release, or gently tug at it and peel away.

7. While the UTEE is still warm and pliable, cut the piece into a random shape. Let the geometric design guide you.

I will use an adhesive safe for skin and apply this to my temple just before judging!

I hope you have a fantastic Halloween celebration.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

DCC Home Decor Hop

Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection (DCC) Home Decor Hop sponsored by Kunin Felt, Beacon Adhesives snd Buttons Galore and More. 

Because this hop is a manufacturers challenge, WE ARE HAVING A GIVEAWAY! 
Enter here: Designer Crafts Connection

Be sure to hop around, there are many fantastic designers sharing various projects about how to preserve memories. Great techniques are featured along with an exciting variety of projects.

I created this bird and flower garland for my mantle, but my livingroom isn't lit very well. Therefore, couldn't get a good picture there. I have a Tatuage border along the chair rail of roses and wrought iron. These darling birds are right at home on the mantle. 

Kunin felt, one patterned and 2 solids. 
Beacon adhesives Felt Glue
1" buttons in coordinating colors- Buttons Galore and More
6 feet of ribbon


1. Cut out bird 8 shapes from patterned felt. Cut two at a time with the felt folded over, so birds will be going in opposite directions. 
2. Cut out flower and birds wings from plain felt. 
3. Lay the ribbon out on a large table, find the center. 
4. glue a flower to the center of the ribbon, glue a button to the center of the flower. 
5. Glue birds about 3" from the center flower one on each side. Glue wing into place. 
6. Glue flowers about 3" from the bird, on each end. Glue a button to the center of each floer.  
7. Glue the remaining 6 birds into place, 3 on each end, about three inches apart. 
8. Hang to mantle with tacks. 

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Monday, September 1, 2014

DCC Preserving Memories Hop

Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection (DCC) preserving memories hop!

Be sure to hop around, there are many fantastic designers sharing various projects about how to preserve memories. Great techniques are featured along with an exciting variety of projects.

I went to New Orleans this July with my Elks Lodge.  I've always wanted to go to New Orleans, it was as magnificent and interesting as I had hoped. This 12x12 scrapbook page is my first of many for the week-long trip and features beautiful architecture from the city. New Orleans is loud and busy, there's so much to look at and take in, and so this layout is the same.

Patterned Paper - indi bloom collection by Basic Grey
Acrylic Paint - Pure Gold, Mushroom, Sand, Mulch by Eco Friendly Crafts
12 x 12" Harlequin Template by Crafters Workshop
Self Adhesive Black/clear bling strips by Want 2 Scrap
Self Adhesive purple Flourish bling by Zva Creative
Guilded Gate and Wrought Iron Dies, Die D-lites by Spellbinders
Gold Embossing Powder by Ranger Ink
Versamark Pad by Tsukineko
Decorating Chalks by ColorZ Chalk
MISC: black cardstock, fleur di lis eyelet, 1" circle punch, cutting tools, including small scissors. 

Step 1. Position the Harlequin template over the background paper (Basic Grey) and dry brush with Sand, Mushroom and Pure Gold acrylic paint over 1/2 to 2/3 of the background.


2. Reposition the Harlequin template to the areas that were not painted the first time and dry brush with the same 3 colors of acrylic paint. 

3.  Dry brush the entire area with Mushroom acrylic paint.

4. Print a fleur di lis shape on 12x12 cardstock and cut it out.  Then cut the inside of the shape out, leaving an approximate 1/2" frame of the shape. 

5. Apply Versamark to the entire frame, dump on the gold embossing powder and heat. Emboss only once if you like the texture, 2-3 coats for a completely shiny and smooth finish.

 6. Cut strips of black cardstock approximately 1/4" wide to create "window" panes for the fleur di lis frame by dividing the open area into 4 sections.

7. Attach photos to the open areas of the fleur, trim as necessary. 

8. Matte the photo fleur with black cardstock, trim to create an approximate 1/8" border of black around the gold frame and adhere to the background.

9. Crop and matte other photos and adhere into position. 

10. Print the title with Bangle font onto a scrap of purple card stock, trim to fit and adhere.

11. Accent the title with black and clear bling strips on top and bottom.

12. Punch a 1" circle from the same scrap of purple card stock, place it in the center of the window panes of the fleur di lis and adhere with a fleur di lis eyelet (or brad). Chalk the edges of the circle with black. 

13. Cut out the gateway and wrought iron die cuts from black card stock, adhere to the page. 

14. Place the flourish bling as shown. 

15. The photo in the upper left corner was cut out silhouette by hand.  It is a post on the sidewalks of New Orleans used to tether horses.  Add shadow around silhouette images with black decorating chalk. 

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are inspired by some of the techniques I've used on this jam-packed layout.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DCC Back To School Hop

Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection (DCC) Back to School Blog Hop! 

Be sure to hop around and see all the great BTS crafts. Many fantastic designers and great projects.

Both of my children are in college. There is lots of books for the engineer and art supplies for the artist, but most of all being organized!  Every college student needs binders!  So, for this month's BTS craft, I created an  inspiring collage that fits into the clear sleeve on the front of a three ring binder.

8 1/2" X 11" Water Color paper-Bonjour Studios
Acrylic Paint: Periwinkle, Lake, Sunflower, Mulch. Pistachio, Blueberry, Black-Eco Green Crafts
Watermark Stamp Pad-Versamark Tsukineko
Pigment Ink: Sky Mist, Wisteria, Celadon, Ultramarine-Versa Craft
Dye ink: Meadow, Adirondack Earthtones-Ranger Ink
Rubberstamps: Bird-2004 Stampin Up, Sun-Rubber Romance Stamps, Flourish-2007 Stampin Up, Tree-Art Impressions
Gold embossing powder-Ranger Ink
Fonts: Bangle, Addict, Amazone BT, Blasphemy, Park Avenue BT, Times New Roman

1. Paint random blotches of color for a background on the watercolor paper.  I used watercolor paper because of it's texture and sturdiness.  The colors used are: Periwinkle, Lake, Pistachio and Blueberry.
2. Let the paint dry completely.
3. Create a word document with the quote using a different font for each line or word, then print it onto the painted watercolor paper.  Let dry or heat set.
4. Stamp the sun with Versamark and emboss with gold embossing powder.
5. Paint the center with sunflower acrylic paint.
6. Stamp trees along the bottom with Meadow dye ink, and then again with Celadon pigment ink. Heat set. 
7. Stamp flourishes along the top and sides to meet the trees.  Stamp first with Lake, heat set.  Then stamp with Wisteria, heat set.
8. Stamp the bird with Ultramarine, heat set.
9. Hand paint with acrylic paint inside the bird and create a branch. Add details to the bird with an ink pen.

If you would like to create your own, you can print the image below of the text I used, or create your own.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you will continue to hop to the next blog to see more crafty Back To School projects.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Check out this amazing new 3d pen!  No affiliation, just awesome.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop

Welcome to the hop!  This week the Designers are participating in a manufacturers challenge with Smoothfoam and the Robin's Nest and are creating ornaments!  The Holidays will soon be here, hop around and get some great inspiration for family heirlooms and hand made gifts.

This is my creation:

Smoothfoam 3" ball
gold metallic Dew Drops, Robin's Nest
Blueberry acrylic paint, ECO Green Crafts
Low Odor Clear Finish; Krylon
Glitter Blue Ice Stickles, Ranger
Heavy Duty gold tone beading wire
Decorative Tassel, Greenbrier International
Hot Glue Gun
Wire Cutters/twister tool
3/4" Gold metallic wired fabric ribbon, Wrights
piercing tool, paint brush


1. Pierce a hold directly up through the center of the Smoothfoam ball.  This took some work with a piercing tool and a narrow wooden handled paint brush.
2. Cut 8" of heavy duty wire. Insert the wire up through the hole.  Spiral the bottom of the wire and pull it up inside the hole to create a little loop to tie the tassel on later.  Loop the top end and wrap it around itself, pull the loose end to tighten so it will sit firmly to the Smoothfoam.

3. Paint the Smoothfoam ball with acrylic paint.  Use two coats.
4. Hot glue the Dew Drops, evenly spaced onto the painted ball.  Do this by starting with one Dew Drop directly in the center of one side, then put the next one exactly 180 degrees on the opposite side.  Then place a Dew Drop in the exact center of those, and then one more between each, in the center.  That will be your center row and you'll find easy placement for the other two rows about 1" above and below the center row, but centered between the two above or below it.  (This sounds confusing until you're doing it, LOL.  If you read it slow and one step at a time, it makes sense).
5. Apply the Stickles as shown to create a diamond pattern.
6. Attach the tassel to the wire loop you created on the bottom of the ornament.
7. Using about 7" of wired gold fabric ribbon, create a small bow, trim the ends and hot glue to the top of the ornament at the base of the hanging loop.

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