Friday, November 15, 2013

Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop

Welcome to the hop!  This week the Designers are participating in a manufacturers challenge with Smoothfoam and the Robin's Nest and are creating ornaments!  The Holidays will soon be here, hop around and get some great inspiration for family heirlooms and hand made gifts.

This is my creation:

Smoothfoam 3" ball
gold metallic Dew Drops, Robin's Nest
Blueberry acrylic paint, ECO Green Crafts
Low Odor Clear Finish; Krylon
Glitter Blue Ice Stickles, Ranger
Heavy Duty gold tone beading wire
Decorative Tassel, Greenbrier International
Hot Glue Gun
Wire Cutters/twister tool
3/4" Gold metallic wired fabric ribbon, Wrights
piercing tool, paint brush


1. Pierce a hold directly up through the center of the Smoothfoam ball.  This took some work with a piercing tool and a narrow wooden handled paint brush.
2. Cut 8" of heavy duty wire. Insert the wire up through the hole.  Spiral the bottom of the wire and pull it up inside the hole to create a little loop to tie the tassel on later.  Loop the top end and wrap it around itself, pull the loose end to tighten so it will sit firmly to the Smoothfoam.

3. Paint the Smoothfoam ball with acrylic paint.  Use two coats.
4. Hot glue the Dew Drops, evenly spaced onto the painted ball.  Do this by starting with one Dew Drop directly in the center of one side, then put the next one exactly 180 degrees on the opposite side.  Then place a Dew Drop in the exact center of those, and then one more between each, in the center.  That will be your center row and you'll find easy placement for the other two rows about 1" above and below the center row, but centered between the two above or below it.  (This sounds confusing until you're doing it, LOL.  If you read it slow and one step at a time, it makes sense).
5. Apply the Stickles as shown to create a diamond pattern.
6. Attach the tassel to the wire loop you created on the bottom of the ornament.
7. Using about 7" of wired gold fabric ribbon, create a small bow, trim the ends and hot glue to the top of the ornament at the base of the hanging loop.

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