Thursday, January 28, 2016

Highlight: Jay Ceramics

 I want to give a big, excited SHOUT OUT to:

                 Jay Ceramics
           Pottery From Portland, Maine

Stylish & Classic creative ceramics by Jayce Chabot


Jayce is my youngest son, he is attending the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine and will be graduating with a Bachelors degree in ceramics this spring!   I'm so excited to see the fantastic pieces for sale on the website!  (I have a box of first year samples :o)  It's like watching a diamond being formed! The colors, design detail and overall balance of shape has been accomplished. 

It's a small website with three categories: cups, vases and plates.  Please check it out.
He also accepts requests for commission.
Please contact:

Proud Mom!
Make art everyday,