Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Robin's Nest Tree Canvas

 Hello Crafty People!

Today's project is a magical Tree Canvas using watercolor metallic pigments, markers and pouncing with alcohol inks.  Easy peasy and lots of fun! Watch the video below to learn about the techniques used. 


Metallic blue pigment (ArtQuest)
Brown Marker (Zig)
Alcohol inks: Sunshine Yellow, Butterscotch, Pesto and Stream (Ranger Ink)
Felt pouncing tool (Ranger Ink-Tim Holtz)
Paint brush, water and a trimming tool

1. Wet the blue metallic pigment with water and brush onto background.
2. Color the tree trunk and branches with brown marker.
3. Place a fresh piece of felt onto the pouncing tool, load with Sunshine Yellow and Butterscotch alcohol inks in a semi circle/oval shape.  Pounce the color all over the tree leaves area.
4. Begin with a fresh piece of white felt, load the same way with Pesto and Stream alcohol ink and pounce over the tree leaves area until you get the desired result.  Add more yellow if desired. 

*Not included on the video: Because the blue metallic pigment may smudge, spray seal with clear coat in your desired finish, gloss or matte.  AND, I sprayed the foliage with a cream / gold metallic spray because I just needed more bling!  :o)

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today!  I hope you're inspired to do some creating today.
See you next time!
Craft on!