Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Holiday Placemats with Purple Cows

This project was fun to create and also took me for a very nice trip down Memory Lane.
It was so fun to go back through all the photos I have that will never make it to a scrapbook, but are still great memories.

13" Hot and Cold Laminator  #3027
 9 Blade Trim It #7600
Hot Pockets Menu/Brochure 11x17" #4090
Punch It! Summer #7203

PC, digital images and printed photos, font: DT Mandolyn 1 G00, card stock, 11x17" poster paper, printer.


 1. For the front of the placemat, create a document for a poster and imported digital pictures as well as a text block for the title and print the document onto 11x17" glossy poster paper.
2.  Print the title block only onto coordinating card stock, trim to size and punch a decorative corner.
3. I did not want to leave the backside completely blank, so I dug out some old photos and cropped them into the collage. 
4. Place the poster paper into the laminate sheet and laminate.

This would be such a wonderful "take home" gift for your extended family dinner.  Make each family member coming to dinner their own placemat of old photos you've taken of them and their family over the years, and they can keep them.

Be sure to visit the Purple Cows, Inc BLOG to see more creative projects.  Check out the MOO TUBE
for great video tutorials.

Craft on!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hello and welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection Blog hop!
We are a diverse group of Craft Industry Designers, sharing our creativity through hopping.
We hop on the FIRST MONDAY of each month as well as have monthly manufacturer challenges. This month we are crafting with Makin's Clay and you could be a winner of this amazing prize valued at just over $111.00!

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This lovely Jamaica inspired 16x20" mixed media project was created with Makin's No Bake Polymer Clay and Makin's Clay tools.

3 pkgs black clay
Professional Extruder with adapter
Professional tool kit
Seashells push mold

16x20" stretched canvas, black acrylic paint, Perfect Pearls (Ranger Ink) in various blues, green, gold, copper and purple, colored sand, glue.


1. Draw a design or pattern onto the stretched canvas. Leave 1" border to edge of canvas for framing.
2. Use the Professional Extruder and octagonal shaped adapter to create lines of clay and glue them along the design lines.

3. Paint the entire project black with acrylic paint.
4. Make multiple seashells, 2 fish and one starfish using the Seashell Push Mold and glue them into place.

5. Apply Perfect Pearls pigments to the shells, apply copper pigment to the project design lines. Spritz with water to set.
6. Apply glue inside each area and dump colored sand onto the glue.  Let dry. Dump off any excess.
7. Repaint the outside edges with black acrylic paint.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn Centerpiece with Purple Cows, Inc

Autumn in the air, the Maine foliage is becoming brilliant and the air is cool even under the shine of the sun. Today I've brought the brilliance of fall into my home wit this table centerpiece.

13" Hot and Cold Laminator  #3027

Branches and leaves gathered from outside, faux berry sprigs and glittery curly Qs, small scissors, ribbon, glass container, rocks, and hot glue gun. 

1. Gather branches and leaves.
2. Arrange rocks and branches in the glass container, add the sprig of faux berries and glitter curls.
3.  Place leaves inside (2) 12" x 12" laminating sheets and laminate. 

4. Cut out the laminated leaves, leaving approximately 1/8" to 1/4" around the edges. 
5. Hot glue the leaves to the branches using one small dab of glue near the base of the stem.
6. Use the Pin It!  #7000  to attach 2 copper leaves from the Pin It! Pin Set-Laurel Leaf #7008 to the ribbon and tie the ribbon into a bow around the glass container.

1. I did not dry and press the leaves before laminating them.
2.  I used to think laminating was expensive, but looking at the Purple Cows website to create the links for this post, I saw the generous amount of laminating sheets in each pack with such a reasonable price, I am thrilled!  I'll be laminating much more :o)

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, please visit the Purple Cows, Inc BLOG for more great project ideas and watch some MOO TUBE to view tutorials and see how easy it is to create with their tools. 

Craft on!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Designer Crafts Hop: Makin's Clay give away!

Hello and welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection Blog hop!
We are a diverse group of Craft Industry Designers, sharing our creativity through hopping.
We hop on the FIRST MONDAY of each month. This month we are also having a manufacturers challenge and give away, details below.
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The Makins Clay Challenge HOP will be on Saturday, October 13th!  Come back and hop around, see some fabulous clay projects and enter for a chance to win this prize package!