Monday, October 6, 2014

DCC: Happy Halloween!

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This is the costume I purchased to wear for the Halloween festivities this year.

The only blonde with long hair that I'm familiar with in the Star Trek series, is 7 of 9.  She had a run in with the Borg and has metal parts on her face.  Therefore, I need one too.

Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE): Silver, clear, and Flex (Ranger Ink)
Clear Pigment Ink Pad: Versamark (Tsukineko)
Geometric Rubber Stamp: Starving Art Stamps
Watch faces and parts

Tools: Melting pot, heat resistant mat, spatula (Ranger Ink), Scissors and/or cutting knife and a cutting mat.

1. Prep: Clean the melting pot of any previous residue. Do this by heating the pot, pouring out the excess and wiping down with a big wad of paper towel. Use caution, as it does have to be done while the pot is still hot.

2.  Add the clear and silver UTEE and Flex to the pot.  Cover and melt, stirring gently on occasion with the spatula. (Note: Be sure you have a spatula that is made for melting and/or heat resistant.  Your standard kitchen spatula may not be up to the job and melt (grins) Lesson learned.

3. Prep the rubber stamp with the resistant Versamark ink.

4. Pour the melted silvery UTEE onto the heat resistant mat.

5. Place metal watch parts, gears etc into the puddle of melted UTEE.
6. Stamp on top of the puddle and let sit until it's cooled enough to touch and it will release, or gently tug at it and peel away.

7. While the UTEE is still warm and pliable, cut the piece into a random shape. Let the geometric design guide you.

I will use an adhesive safe for skin and apply this to my temple just before judging!

I hope you have a fantastic Halloween celebration.

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