Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Old Fashioned Gaming Fun!


Wood game blank painted w/ acrylic lt. green paint then decoupaged with papers printed from the Eleanor kit. There is a carved spacer between each section. The outer edge is embellished with Spellbinders embossed die cuts (flourishes) from an Eleanor kit paper; inked with green. The entire project is sealed with glossy clear coat (Krylon). Game pieces are really old poker chips in cream/bone and slate. I say "really old" because they look antique but I'm not sure, got a box at a thrift store not too long ago! SCORE!

TIP: when decoupaging, sometimes tragedy occurs and your paper may get smudged, peel or stick to the table and peel (voice of experience here!) A quick fixer up, instead of trying to remove all the adhesive and paper and start again.................. Tear a section of the same paper that is similar in shade and tone. Tear it "down" all the way around so that no white shows but the edges are "thinned" for easy patching! Decoupage the patch over your boo boo!

A BIG THANK YOU TO TED from tteddo.com for helping me get my WebCam operational.

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