Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sakura: Genie Bottle

I had tons of fun playing with the 3d Crystal Lacquer!
I created this "bejeweled" Genie Bottle that could double as a bud vase.

Sakura 3d Colored Crystal Lacquer
Sakura 3d Colored Pearl Crystal Lacquer
Sakura 3d Clear Crystal Lacquer
Sakura 1x1.5 rectangle pendant blank
misc. cardstock and butterfly rub on, beads and wire
The Best Glue Ever (ScraPerfect)
Copper leafing
The Perfect Crafting Pouch (ScraPerfect)

I made the faux leading with the Best Glue Ever because when it dries, it is tacky. I used thick lines to mimic actual stained glass leading. LET DRY COMPLETELY.
Apply the copper leafing.
Because the glue can still be flexible after drying, care must be used when rubbing off excess leafing. I used the Perfect Crafting Pouch and it was magical!

Next, I applied layers of gorgeous 3d Colored Crystal Lacquer to each area and drizzled or dragged lines of 3d Colored Pearl Crystal Lacquer.

While that is drying.......... cut a scrap piece of card stock and apply the butterfly rub on.
Glue into the 1 x 1.5" Pendant Blank and cover with 3d Clear Crystal Lacquer.

Bead the wire, attach the pendant and wrap around the neck of the bottle.

I am totally in LOVE with that purple 3d Colored Crystal Lacquer!!

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  1. You are SO CLEVER!!!!!!! Love the idea of faux leading on this project :) Wonderful project - so pretty and such vibrant colors!