Friday, February 17, 2012

SAKURA: A Nautical Fix

Welcome crafty peeps! This is my last post with the Sakura Team, (sad face) it has been creatively fun! I'm just too busy to continue (Happy Dance!)
The new team will be announced on February 19th, on the Sakura Hobby Crafts blog.

Today I've created a "nautical fix" to a keepsake box. There was a clock in the front, but it arrived damaged and had fallen out of it's socket. It is also supposed to be a memory keepsake with an area in the lid for a photo or small artful image, but I turned it into a pin cushion.

3d Color Crystal Lacquer -Blue
3d Color Crystal Lacquer -Sky Blue
3d Color Crystal Lacquer -Glitter Aqua
3d Clear Crystal Lacquer
Gem Particles -Blue Flash

Other Supplies:
Wood memory box, hot glue, fabric batting, broken watch part, brass dolphin charm, small piece of chipboard.

The clock was square, therefore so was the hold it left in the box. It was quite deep so I filled it about half full with hot glue before adding a layer of 3d Color Crystal Lacquer -Blue and 3d Color Crystal Lacquer -Sky Blue. When that was completely dry, I added a thin layer of 3d Color Crystal Lacquer -Glitter Aqua and let it set for about 15 minutes before setting the charm on top.

After this step was completely dry, I added a layer of 3d Clear Crystal Lacquer.
I also used 3d Clear Crystal Lacquer to adhere the metal circle which is part of a broken wrist watch face and the Gem Particles -Blue Flash around the edge.

The pin cushion is chipboard with 2 layers of batting covered in fabric and inserted into the photo area of the lid.

Thank you so much for stopping by to share my project! Please jump over to the Sakura Hobby Crafts blog for more projects and inspiration.

Please stop by the Sakura Hobby Crafts blog on February 19th to meet the new team!


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