Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"WHO'S" Ready for Spring? Owl Sachet

I'M READY FOR SPRING! Welcome to my Robin's Nest post.
My favorite part of spring is the returning of my feathered friends, having my morning coffee outside and letting them entertain me with their aerial dances and antics around the bird feeders.
We haven't had an owl in a while, but they certainly seem to be trendy in fashion and design this spring, so I've created a cute but useful accessory for the home.

An Owl Sachet to freshen drawers or hang as an air freshener and ornament.

Shocking Pink Sorbet Glitter Cardstock- Tummy section
Water Color Honeycomb (can be found on the back side of Distressed Honeycomb and has the words BOO in various fonts) - Nose and centers of eyes from "Boo" dots
Autumn Leaf Card stock- Back body, wings and large eye circles
Glitter Pink Crackle (back side) Front body
Chocolate velvet ribbon (trimmed)

Other Supplies:
white card stock, batting, scented pellets, sewing machine & thread
Punches: 1 1/4" circle, 1" circle

1. Use my photo to create a basic pattern, cut out all pieces as identified above. Specific papers listed above name the body parts.

2. Glue the front of the owl together.

3. If you want a hanger, cut a 3.5" piece of brown velvet ribbon and tape to the inside of the back owl shape. Tape well below where you will be sewing to avoid gumming up your needle.

4. Cut a piece of batting approximately 1/4" smaller than your basic shape.
This one was a little too large, I trimmed it again.

5. Pour about 1 - 2 tablespoons of your scented wax pellets into the center of the batting. If you are using potpourri or another scented source, you may not need or want the batting. I wanted it to be puffy and soft instead of lumpy.

6. Hold the top layer into place, keeping everything aligned and sew a single stitch around the edge.

Thank you for visiting the BC Designs blog today, I hope you enjoyed this project. Please stop by again and also visit the Robin's Nest Blog "Chattering Robins" for more project ideas and inspiration.

Happy Spring!

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