Friday, April 6, 2012

Purple Cows: Bloom Journal

Welcome to my very first blog post for the Purple Cows Design Team! This week has been lots of fun getting acquainted with all of my new tools and the fabulous products they offer to work with them.

I created this "Bloom" Journal

2 in 1 Combo Trimmer
Punch It!-Spring
Wind It!
Hot & Cold 13" Laminator
Melt Tool
Craft Iron Tips Gem Setting Kit
Aqua Wind It! Wire
3 x 5" Hot Pocket

Other Supplies:
The Best Glue Ever! -ScraPerfect
Glitter Blue Swirl Card Stock -The Robin's Nest
Teal Canvas - The Robin's Nest
Paper Flowers - Petaloo
Deep Lagoon Cats Eye Chalk Ink (Big Top Collection-ColorBox by ClearSnap)
Surf Pigment Stamp Pad -ColorBox by ClearSnap (Heat tool needed)
Composition Notebook, Paint Brush, Gesso
5x7" super sticky sheet adhesive, super sticky tape
Hot Glue gun, gold microbeads, fabric
Chipboard: I used packaging from my 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer
Finished Cross stitch or coordinating fabric
Small hole punch

1. Paint the cover of the composition notebook with Gesso or white acrylic paint.

2. Paint over the Gesso with The Best Glue Ever!. When it dries, the glue will remain super tacky-great for fabric and ribbon.
3. Adhere the fabric to the front cover of the notebook. Apply the glue to the inside of the cover and let dry. Fold the edges around.

4. Adhere a sheet of super sticky tape to coordinating fabric (5x7"), trim and adhere to the inside cover.

*I had a lovely finished cross stitch piece to use for this project. If you like yard sales or flea markets, keep your eyes open for some beautiful "hand-me-down" pieces for your projects.

5. Cut chipboard to size for the cross stitch piece. (I used cardboard from the 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer packaging because it was white already and a bit sturdier than the chipboard I had)

**This cardboard packaging was very rugged, but the 2 in 1 Combo Trimmer guillotine handled it like butter!

6. Use super sticky tape to adhere the cross stitch to the chip board, wrap edges around the back side and adhere.

7. Cut card stock to size: 1/2" wider on all sides than the cross stitch piece.
This one is 3 1/2" x 8 1/2".

8. Punch a decorative border around all edges.
*I LOVED how the Punch It! has guides and pictures to show you placement and keep you steady.

9. Cut the teal mesh fabric 1/2" larger than the card stock and pull fibers from all edges.

10. Assemble the cross stitch embellishment (cross stitch on top, then punched cardstock on top of teal mesh) and secure with hot glue.

11. Affix the cross stitch to the front cover of the notebook.

**I love how this little flower charm "book mark" turned out!

12. Ink the paper flowers with Deep Lagoon Cats Eye Chalk Ink.

13. Add depth with areas of Surf Pigment ink and heat set.

14. Layer the flowers and place into a Hot Pocket and laminate.
15. Trim to a small square.
16. Apply The Best Glue Ever! to the edges and dip into gold microbeads. Let Dry.

17. Use the Melt Tool (with the 20ss tip) on high setting to affix a nailhead from the Craft Iron Tips Gem Setting Kit to the center of the flower.

**Woohoo! Four Wind It! plates in one set!

18. Use the Wind It! tool to create the wire book mark with the Aqua Wind It! Wire.

**I was afraid of the wire! It is so thick and the Wind It designs so intricate. I thought I was in trouble. (Did I mention the colors of the wire being so gorgeous?) The wire is very soft and pliable. It was SO EASY TO WORK WITH. And, the Wind It! tool has a hole at the beginning and end of each design to put the wire into and hold it while you wind.

19. Punch a small hole into the corner of the flower charm and slip onto the wire flourish.


Thank you so much for blogging today.
Please visit the Purple Cows blog from time to time for project ideas and inspiration.
This design team is AMAZING!



  1. Hi Becky! Saying hello from Sanford. Love, love, love this comp book. Great job! I tried to find you through your old company but it doesn't exist. Did a little 'detective work' and finally found you! How's everything? I'm still scrapping as well and loving every minute of it.

  2. GREAT project! Love all the techniques you used to make it wonderful!!! WOOHOO on your first Purple Cow post :)