Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Robin's Nest and ScraPerfect: Spring Tray

Using a multitude of the MANY colorful choices of Dew Drops by The Robin's Nest and the performance of The Best Glue Ever! with assistance from a mighty tool: Embellie Gellie, this pretty spring serving tray is possible :o)

ROBIN'S NEST SUPPLIES: Dew Drops!!! from many collections, some are Tear Drops and Diamonds.
Center of Flower:
Lt Yellow from Sunflower Collection
Lt Yellow from Summer Collection
Cream from Primary Collection
Beige from Pink Coral Minis Collection

Flower Petals:
Purple from Hydrangea Collection
Purple from Precious Girl Collection
lt. Blue from Sea Glass Collection
lt Blue from Mint Chocolate Collection
lt green/blue from Lullaby Collection
Lt. Blue from Baby Boy Collection, Lullaby
Lt Blue from Winter Retreat Collection
Blues from minis: Riverside and Hillside

Fresh Mowed Grass Dew Drops
Green from the Summer Collection

Dk Yellow from Sunflower Collection
Yellow from Summer Collection
Beige from Primary Collection
Yellow from Winter Retreat Collection
Lt Orange from Fall Gems Collection

The Best Glue Ever! and Embellie Gellie by ScraPerfect!
White Spray Paint, Wood Serving Tray, Paint Brush, 3d Crystal Lacquer (Sakura), Epoxy

(click on the image for a larger view)

*if you look closely, you can see the flower pattern

1. Spray paint a wood serving tray with white spray paint.
2. Apply The Best Glue Ever! to the tray. Spread with a paint brush for design area only (not the background yet) so you can see your design for placement of the Dew Drops. Let dry until it's completely clear, the glue will remain tacky for precise placement of Dew Drops.

3. Allow Embellie Gellie to assist in picking up and placing the Dew Drops into the design area.

(click for a larger image) My cat jumped up to the work table! see the nice paw print in the middle of my project? LOL This was easily removed with Undo adhesive remover and a Q-Tip.

4. When the tray is totally covered with Dew Drops and your design is finished, squeeze 3d Crystal Lacquer all over, concentrating on filling in between the Dew Drops. Let dry.

5. Apply Epoxy over the top of your finished design at least 1/4 above the top of the Dew Drops to ensure that your tray surface is level.

Thank you so much for stopping by the BCDesigns Blog today! I hope you enjoyed this project, come back soon.



  1. First I have to say this is gorgeous! Not only the finished tray, but the in progress shots are absolutely fantastic. I can see how Embellie Gellie was critical! The only think I'm confused about is that in the image I couldn't see the flower pattern even when I clicked for larger. Was that something you drew or was it the design already on the tray?

  2. The pattern is only drawn in the Best Glue Ever! you can vaguely see the way I brushed it on in the photo because of the way the light hits it.

  3. Wow! Someone pinned this and I followed it to your blog. I have to say this is amazing! I'll be trying it soon ...

  4. OOops! Just realized I hadn't visit here but your FB post! LOL!!

    WOW! Great step out pics, Becky! It's wonderful how you drew the design with The Best Glue Ever :) Very cool project! TFS :)

  5. Truly amazing...and something I would never even attempt without Embellie Gellie!

  6. This design is awesome, Becky! You have provided such great photos. I want to try the dew drops, on a smaller scale :) Thanks for the inspiration.