Friday, May 18, 2012

Graduation is almost here!

On June 1st, my youngest child, Jessica will be graduating from High School.
WHEW, the time has flown by!!

We are planning her graduation bash and with the help of's pretty fonts, I've created this invitation for the event.

LinkDT Floot AOO, DT Woodwynds AOO, DT Piper AOO, DT Tin Whistle COO, and DT Floot B10

The fonts are downloaded to my PC and stored in Windows with all my other fonts, so it's easy to create quick documents with them. I made a standard document and copied the image 4 times on standard letter size (8.5 x 11).

This invitation is just her style! It's easy to make elegant invitations using your imagination, lots of layers :o) and the fabulous fonts of's Lettering Arts Studio.

Happy Creating,


  1. Congrats to our daughter, Becky! Wow--time has flown by! Hope all is well with you. Stay in touch.

  2. LOL---I meant to say *your* daughter and instead wrote *our*. Geesh! Honest, people, Becky and I are NOT a couple---LOL!!!!