Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Purple Cows: Exploring Encaustic

I got the Melt Tool out today and started playing with encaustic techniques.
I had loads of fun, and only burned my finger once cleaning off the tip!


Encaustic Wax Color Sets-Primary #5062

Encaustic Wax Color Sets-Metallic #5061

Encaustic Wax Kit #5060

Melt Dual Temperature Craft Iron with 6 Tips #5050

Here is my first attempt: a landscape........... can you tell? I had Mt. Fuji in my brain but I'm not sure if it transferred to the canvas. I practiced getting the wax to move the way I wanted it and mixing colors.

Then I decided to have some real fun and create a mixed media mural.

I copied some images of fish I'd painted for another mural into a document (drawing file) and printed it onto 11 x 14 drawing paper.

I mixed the Navy and Clear wax to create the watery background while again experimenting with the edge of the tool and different ways to move the wax, or more likely: to get it to go where I wanted it to go. There is clear over each fish image and I added highlights of the gold metallic to the fish. Here is the end results.

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