Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Holiday Placemats with Purple Cows

This project was fun to create and also took me for a very nice trip down Memory Lane.
It was so fun to go back through all the photos I have that will never make it to a scrapbook, but are still great memories.

13" Hot and Cold Laminator  #3027
 9 Blade Trim It #7600
Hot Pockets Menu/Brochure 11x17" #4090
Punch It! Summer #7203

PC, digital images and printed photos, font: DT Mandolyn 1 G00, card stock, 11x17" poster paper, printer.


 1. For the front of the placemat, create a document for a poster and imported digital pictures as well as a text block for the title and print the document onto 11x17" glossy poster paper.
2.  Print the title block only onto coordinating card stock, trim to size and punch a decorative corner.
3. I did not want to leave the backside completely blank, so I dug out some old photos and cropped them into the collage. 
4. Place the poster paper into the laminate sheet and laminate.

This would be such a wonderful "take home" gift for your extended family dinner.  Make each family member coming to dinner their own placemat of old photos you've taken of them and their family over the years, and they can keep them.

Be sure to visit the Purple Cows, Inc BLOG to see more creative projects.  Check out the MOO TUBE
for great video tutorials.

Craft on!

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