Monday, November 7, 2011

Designer Crafts Blog Hop: Computer Assisted

Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop!

Check out Julie McGuffee's site to find out the details on a terrific giveaway -- Two sets of Sizzlets alphabet dies complete with the Sizzix Sidekick machine! November 15th is the day to find out who will be the lucky owner of the giveaway! Don't delay! While you're looking over Julie's website, you'll find the Flip-Pal Challenge coming up on November 15th! Fantastic little portable scanner that selected Designers will show different ways they have used the scanner.

While I am not familiar with the Flip Pal, I can share that I'm a firm believer in "computer assisted" creating. Not necessarily "Hybrid" but when my PC is down, it challenges me for sure! Since I began teaching paper crafting techniques and scrapbook classes in 2000, my PC and printer have been very valuable tools in the process, from printed titles to "real scans" of textures in my home and yard, mementos, my art, & kids art. I've created paper piecing patterns of original art for reproduction for a class kit and I created a line of scrapbooking papers in 2003 which were scans of my original art and textures.

1. Woven strips of card stock machine sewn
2. Batik
3. cardstock, ribbon and hand embroidered daisies
4 basket reed woven flat and stained w/ walnut ink
5&6 Autumn Leaves and Ivy
7. Woven card stock sewn w/ metallic thread
8. bleached stamp images on batik
9. My daughter Jessica's favorite blanket on it's last leg preserved forever!
10. color blocked card stock with bleach stamped images.

2008: My Sunshine-printed title on layered paper background and transparency overlay

Computer assisted art is not restricted to flat surfaces.

2006: Domino Jewelry from clip art

2003: Decoupaged Paper Weight

2008: Mixed Media art- my photo, stampbord, clay, pigments, shells

2001: BTS-scanned ruler and pencils

2001: Dragon Slayers - My paper piecing pattern reproduced and printed on card stock for class

2000: Whiz Kid-printed computer, scanned mouse, real CD

I could load 11 years of projects onto this post!
The possibilities are ENDLESS, scanning helps you to create unique elements for your art that make it so much more personal, so much more YOU. So go ahead and scan that dog biscuit! (I did :o)

If there is any way I can help you with a layout idea, please feel free to chat me up anytime!


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Make art everyday!

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  1. Love the paperweight! The image would definitely help keep me calm during a stressful day.

    -Suzann Sladcik Wilson