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Color Cafe: Batik Fabric from India

I'm very excited to be featured on a new and fabulous site "Color Cafe" by Brenda Pinnick. She has collaborated a amazing myriad of projects featuring the creative use of COLOR created by a diverse showing of talented and creative artists and designers.

Today's Theme: International Sampler

My article features projects created with colorful Batik fabric from India.


by Becky Conley 8/07

for Princess Mirah Crafts

SUPPLIES: (listed in order of use)

Traditional Canvas (1) 12x36 and (2) 12x12” (Dick Blick Studio)

Denim colorwash spray (Ranger Industries)

Spray Webbing-Gold (Krylon)

Workable Fixative (Krylon)

Batik Self-Adhesive Fabric 12x12-4 patterns (Princess Mirah Crafts)

1/2” Scrappy Tape (Advantus Corps)

Green Batik fabric ribbon (Princess Mirah Crafts)

Kelly Green Seed Beads (Create-a-Craft)

Sewing Needle (Singer)

Sage Thread (Coats and Clark)

Over-Sized fabric Daisies and leaves (Teters/Walmart)

Arctic Ice Stickles (Ranger Industries)


  1. Completely cover the canvas with color wash spray. Do all three at the same time. Spray with water.

  2. Crumple 3-4 sheets of paper towel into a ball and dab excess moisture randomly to create texture and tones. Let dry.

  3. Spray the canvas with gold webbing, let dry and then spray with workable fixative or other sealant. (Color Washes are water based and should be sealed).

  4. Cut 12x12” batik fabrics diagonally and create a pattern as shown. Start on the right side by placing the first triangle on the top right edge of the largest canvas, peel and stick. Place the second triangle along the bottom right. Place a third triangle on the left side of the large canvas centered in relation to the two on the right. Cut one triangle in half and place half on the top left and the other half on the top right.

  5. Here's the tricky part :o) Place the accent 12” canvas next to the large canvas and continue the “illusion” of the pattern of squares of batik as if it were full squares of fabric running over onto the next canvas. Trim the batik to the front edge of the canvas.

  6. Place strips of super sticky adhesive (Scrappy Tape) to form stems and then accordion fold the batik ribbon over the adhesive. Trim at the edge of canvas.

  7. Sew beads in a row on top of the stems. String beads approximately 2-3 inches then anchor the thread through the canvas.

  8. Trim the stems on the back of the flower heads flush so they lay flat on the canvas and then sew the flowers to the canvas.

  9. Rub the edges of the canvas randomly with stickles and pull it into the center of the canvas. Teens love bling!

Below is a "memory" Wall Art collage of my (then) newborn Grand Daughter


A mini canvas.

"When Ryan Smiles" Board Book

"My Star" Board Book

PLEASE jump over and visit "Color Cafe" and the wonderful projects posted by many talented artist and designers. If you care to leave a comment, please tell Brenda that Becky Conley sent you! Craft on!

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