Monday, January 9, 2012

Designer Crafts Connection: Journaling

Welcome to the first Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop! We have a wonderful group of talented paper crafters in the group to provide you with inspiration and project ideas.

We normally post on the first Monday of each month. However, by popular vote--(our Holiday season was BUSY), so we gave ourselves an extra week this month. If you become a follower, you'll get notices when the posts are up.


This week our theme is "journaling".

I've been teaching scrapbook classes since 2000, and I'm not really a fan of putting my most tender, personal thoughts on public display. I feel they are *mostly* (but not always) private memories. I create ARTful pages and usually hide the journaling behind elements, on tags, or subtly printed on transparency film as a layover, and do not make the journaling the focal point of the layout.

I've dredged up a few examples of how I journal on my scrapbook pages.

The ritualistic "first day of school" photo :o) Here I used many tags from the "Back To School" clothes shopping. Journaling is on the folder behind the photo. Sometimes I create "spaces" for journaling, hidden or not, when I create pages for my children's scrapbooks so that they may add their thoughts later. (This one below will be for my Grand Daughter's own scrapbook)

This layout was actually for my HGTV segment on "That's Clever", it was designed for many people to see, teach techniques and create with what was "trendy" at the time. You can see my segment here: HGTV That's Clever! The journaling is hidden behind the porthole.

For me, it's photos first, the people & catching that moment that tells it's own story (a picture says a thousand words!) then ART, then record keeping: it's important to include the names of your subjects, dates, places and then anything else you'd like to share. Sometimes, just their smiles inspire me to use cute quotes and share a brief thought or two.

I like to print my journaling: spell check is your friend :o) and I can be creative with shapes and fonts.

Of course, every now and then........... there are those thought provoking milestones and you just HAVE TO pour your heart into your layout, like the one below. One of my earliest, published in Memory Makers special issue Fast & Easy Scrapbooking May 2004.

(Rubberstamping, Melt Art with a journaled tag tucked away) This was a thoughtful layout, as I was turning 40 years old!

Whatever your style - BE YOU. Scrapbooking is FUN, it's not supposed to be painful. If you want to expand your journaling ideas, or get creative with it, there are many resources both online and in print. Most magazine forums have lots of journaling tips and members that you can ask just about anything. (You may need to register to use the forums)
Memory Makers Magazine, Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks, Etc.,

There are templates and tools too! at Scrapbooking (store and forum)
2 Peas in a is a vast encyclopedia for all your scrapbook needs.

Here are some books in print by Memory Makers Magazine offers them by many publishers.
Articles to reference and books by Creating Keepsakes Magazine.

Wouldn't it be FUN to participate in a "journaling" challenge? If you have taken a challenge, please share a link in your comment!

Thanks for hopping with the Designer Crafts Connection.


  1. Beautiful layouts and great ideas for journaling!

  2. Becky,

    I always felt weird showing my innermost thoughts to everyone! Love how you showed the examples and ideas for hidden journaling and love the layout using all the clothing tags from a back to school shopping trip.

  3. Beautiful colors and textures! I'm not a scrapbooker or journaler at all (although I do love the tools and materials! :) ) so I very much enjoyed your pointing out all the details and techniques in your layouts. Gorgeous!