Friday, September 21, 2012

Altered Arts Magazine: Repurposing

Fall is in the air! Today I'm repurposing an old fabric swatch book.
Of course, I have found many uses for the lovely fabric it once held: Scrapbook embellishments, collage, quilts, applique and more. The books themselves are so durable, there is much more life to them.

(1) This note pad, decorated for fall but can easily be refilled and the flower changed time after time. (instructions below)
(2) Decorate the top/front, spray the long area with chalk board paint and add a little chalk holder.
(3) Decorate the long writing area around the border only, then cover it with laminate to use as a dry erase board, attach a marker on a string at the top.

Decorative paper (Jeanine DeOre digi kit "William")
Fabric Flower
lined note pad
3/8" and Super Sticky sheets adhesive
Liquid glue or hot glue

1. Disassemble the fabric book and remove the fabric swatches.
2. Untie the hanger that came with the book by unknotting it inside the cover or snipping off as little as possible to remove it for the next step.
3. Cut decorative paper to fit the panels on the cover and adhere with super sticky sheet. I used one piece to cover the front and top, making it about 1" longer than needed so I could over lap the large panel on the back side.
4. Pierce the holes where the chord hanger was and put the handle back into place.
5. Cut a lined pad of paper to size and adhere inside using super sticky sheet adhesive.
6. Wrap the ribbon all the way around the project, meeting on the front side under where the flower will be placed. Adhere with 3/8 super sticky tape.
7. Glue the fabric flower into place with strong liquid glue or hot glue.

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