Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Robin's Nest: "Friends" Shadow box

Welcome crafty peeps! Today I've created a fun, dimensional and colorful shadow box that celebrates friends.

Dew Drops: Fall Gems, Fairy Dust, Cotton Candy, Easter, Precious Girl, Lullaby, Sea Glass, Fresh Mowed Grass, Summer
Mini Dew Drops: Pansies, Pink Coral, Skies, Iris

Other products used:
duetica.com Lettering Art Studio, FONTS: DT Saxi G60, DT Floot E40
McGuffey Wood Tray / Shadow Box
3d Crystal Lacquer by Sakura, acrylic paint, fabric flowers, card stock, jewelry boxes
Grommet Tags die by Spellbinders, eyelets and mini brads, small nails, green stamping ink.

PLANNING: I selected 6 different colored / styles of fabric flowers, then coordinated which colors of dew drops I'd put with them.

1. Paint all side surfaces with lime green acrylic paint. Paint the 6 areas white.
2. Apply a generous coating of 3d Crystal Lacquer inside the first area to be worked on.
3. Place the black jewelry box into the 3d Crystal Lacquer. Mine are shifted slightly to accommodate the title block. The top row is slightly higher leaving the same amount of space on top and sides but larger area on bottom. The bottom row is the opposite; shifted lower.
4. Dump dew drops all around the box inside the shadow box area until you get the desired coverage and look.
5. Drizzle 3d Crystal Lacquer over the dew drops placed in the area. Let dry completely
6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for all 6 areas of the Shadow Box.
7. Glue the flowers to the top of the black jewelry box. Some flowers needed centers, add eyelets and brads as needed.
8. Create a title block using the pretty fonts from duetica.com Lettering Art Studio, print onto coordinating card stock. Trim to size. Dry brush with lime green acrylic paint, ink edges.
9. I used the Grommet Tags die by Spellbinders as a template for the ends of the title block.
10. Mat onto black card stock and trim, the ends are hand cut to follow the first layer.
11. Attach the title block to the shadow box using small nails, glue glitter leaves onto title block.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this project and maybe even got a little inspired.
Please visit the Robin's Nest blog: Chattering Robins for more project ideas.

Craft on!

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