Thursday, June 14, 2012

Home Decor with Purple Cows

Today I've created a vibrant piece of wall art using minimal supplies and fabulous tools.


Punch It! Autumn and Smart Trimmer #1060

Other Materials:
One 8x8 wrapped canvas
two 6x12 wrapped canvas
three 6x6 wrapped canvas
Pistachio acrylic paint
Purple Card Stock
Fabric flowers
Large rhinestone brads
Variegated green eyelash fibers
Purple Ribbon
Bling brackets
1/4 Balsa wood square 4x6


1. Paint all sides and fronts of canvas pieces with acrylic paint.

2. Punch 12" side of paper with the Punch It! Autumn then cut the strip off at approximately 1" wide. (Look at the spacing on the punched edge and center before trimming so it will be even.)

3. Cut 4 strips as described in Step 2 and then cut 8 narrow strips, less than 1/4" using the Smart Trimmer #1060.

3. Adhere the paper elements to the all pieces of the painted canvas, except the center squares. (See finished project for placement)

4. Using a hot glue, affix the 6x6 canvas on top of the 8x8 canvas, centered.
5. Glue the paper elements to the top of the canvas only. The small canvas is 6", trim and use the scraps for the remaining 2" on the top and bottom for the 8" canvas. (see finished project for placement)
6. Wrap ribbon around the 6x6 canvas.

You could stop here and have a very chic piece of wall art. I first wanted to create vertical stripes but then liked the second option too.

If you prefer to embellish more, as I do---continue on.

7. Wrap eyelash fibers around each canvas 3 times and tie in the back.
8. Place flowers and adhere with bling brads EXCEPT FOR THE CENTER CANVAS.
9. The center canvas flowers were too close to the edge, the wood frame was in the way. Therefore, embellish the fabric flower with the bling brad and glue into place. I suggest The Best Glue Ever! because when it dries, it remains tacky and does not leak through your fabric flowers and it does not dry out like similar adhesives.
10. Apply the bling and the two smaller flowers to the 6x6 center canvas as shown.

11. Using hot glue, apply glue to the edges of the canvas' that will be touching and adhere.
12. Use small pieces of balsa wood (4x6 and 3x7) 1/4" thick and hot glue to stabilize on the back of the project where the canvas pieces come together.

13. Using hot glue, adhere purple ribbon around all outside edges.

Thank you so much for stopping in today! As always if you have any questions or comments, they're welcome anytime.

Craft On!

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